Webinar: WannaCry ransomware attack - what next?

May 2017


On 12 May, the WannaCry ransomware attack began, impacting companies worldwide. The campaign was indiscriminate and overran companies in multiple sectors across the world. It may prove to be one of the largest cyber-attacks in history. And it won’t be the last.

In this webinar, our cyber experts provide concrete detail on how the attacks were mounted and their effect. They draw from Control Risks’ own Cyber Threat Intelligence and from their experience of helping clients deal with both this attack and similar attacks in the past.

Key Topics:

  • What happened and why
  • How the campaign is likely to evolve
  • What will the next attack look like?
  • How to prevent a breach
  • Actions in the event of a breach


Toby Chinn, Head of Cyber Security, Control Risks

Nicolas Reys, Head of Cyber Threat Intelligence, Control Risks

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