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  • Turkey: Arrest of suspected night club attacker likely to deal temporary blow to Islamic State capabilities in Istanbul
  • Iran: Timely changes to nuclear enrichment facility underscore continued implementation of international agreement
  • Madagascar: Constitutional court ruling highlights rising autocracy, likely to prompt sporadic unrest in capital
  • Gambia: Government resignations highlight president’s growing isolation
  • Nigeria: Abduction at international school underscores severe kidnap threat on border of Lagos, Ogun states
  • India: Uttar Pradesh state elections crucial test of federally ruling party’s popularity
  • Hungary: Scenarios: Fidesz presides over stagnating economic, business environment
  • Asia & the Pacific: US cabinet nominee’s comments unlikely to reflect policy shift, escalate South China Sea tensions
  • South Korea: Arrest warrant, indictment signal influence-peddling scandal likely to implicate more companies
  • Myanmar: April parliamentary by-elections to test ruling party’s popularity; electoral violence unlikely
  • Malaysia: Opposition’s populist promises unlikely to prevent ruling alliance’s electoral victory
  • Thailand: Contract, corruption risks to persist despite state plans to accelerate infrastructure investments
  • Poland: New budget, renewed IMF agreement underscore stable sovereign risk despite lingering fiscal uncertainty
  • Asia & the Pacific: High-level pledge to contain maritime tensions to sustain low risk of direct China-Vietnam conflict
  • Congo (DRC): Allegations of rebel incursion into North Kivu province lack credibility, unlikely to herald renewed insurgency
  • Lebanon: Regulatory risk to stymie progress on offshore licences
  • Ecuador: State of emergency highlights threat of social unrest
  • Iran: One year since sanctions relief: five lessons and outlook for 2017
  • Azerbaijan: Reputational risks linked to poor human rights record to continue to rise; sanctions remain unlikely
  • Russia: Mass arrests highlight prevalence of Islamist extremist cells in Chechnya

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