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  • Mexico: Shootings reflect increasing threat posed by organised crime in San Luis Potosí
  • Argentina: Regulatory risks likely to decrease despite delay in approval of capital markets reform
  • Venezuela: Crackdown on price violations highlights government’s renewed hostility towards businesses
  • Honduras: Training, induction of new officers highlights government’s commitment to police reform
  • Costa Rica: Court ruling highlights persistent concerns over ruling party’s corruption record
  • South Korea: Impeachment of president likely to lead to fresh elections in early 2017
  • Pakistan: Government to face challenges in implementing landmark investment agreement with China
  • Syria: Government advance in Aleppo does not point to reduction in war risk
  • Iran: Vote by US Congress to extend Iran Sanctions Act unlikely to increase sanctions risk in coming months
  • Nigeria: Growing tensions underline high threat of violence around 10 December gubernatorial poll in Rivers state
  • Libya: Statement by forces aligned with eastern authorities highlights threat to foreign operations in contested areas
  • Pakistan: Militant attack, counterterrorism operations underline EXTREME security risk in Balochistan
  • Egypt: Explosion underscores persistent militant threat in Greater Cairo; further sporadic attacks likely around capital
  • Europe & CIS: Court case, EU directive underline authorities’ focus on countering preparation for, facilitation of terrorism
  • Russia: Sale of stake in oil giant indicates continued demand for Russian hydrocarbon assets
  • Iran: Impeachment motions do not signal deterioration in parliament’s relations with president
  • Kyrgyzstan: Controversial referendum to empower prime minister likely to pass; significant unrest unlikely
  • Kenya: Proposed amendments to petroleum bill do not indicate increase in regulatory uncertainty
  • Direct Action: US pipeline decision highlights political risk to energy companies from direct action campaigns; protests to continue
  • Papua New Guinea: Persisting corruption risks highlighted by closure of national anti-corruption agency

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