Sub-Saharan Africa: Evaluating Strategic Opportunities

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29 September 2016

10:00 New York | 15:00 London | 16:00 Berlin

Strategic planners are looking to Sub-Saharan African markets as part of their long-term growth plans.

While the size of the opportunity in Africa remains significant, the commodities slump and political instability are disrupting even the most promising markets on the continent. So how do you spot opportunities and weigh potential risks?

You are invited to join our webinar about how to forecast the economic and political trajectories of Sub-Saharan African countries. We will use a realistic scenario to illustrate how an international organisation like yours can use risk forecasts to assess which countries to enter.

Key themes:

  • Scale of the opportunity: 5 metrics you can't ignore
  • Forecasting market trajectories: politics & economics
  • 'So what?' analysis: making strategic decisions


  • Andrew Hodges, Senior Consultant, Control Risks
  • Francois Conradie, Head of Research, NKC African Economics
  • Daniel Magnowski, Senior Analyst, Control Risks

The webinar will utilise the Economic and Political Risk Evaluator.

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