Crisis Resilience Online

Crisis Resilience Online (CRO) is secure and flexible online tool that enables you to build, maintain and activate your organisation’s crisis management plans. Crisis Resilience Online helps you to respond quickly and effectively to any incident which threatens your organisation’s people, assets or reputation.


BUILD, MAINTAIN AND AUDIT YOUR CRISIS MANAGEMENT CAPABILITY. Maintenance of contact records, plans and supporting operational documentation is fully automated, minimising the administrative burden and ensuring accuracy.

ALERT AND COMMUNICATE. Initiate your emergency response plans with the click of a button. The alert function will notify pre-determined contact groups with an alert messages in text/voive across various communications platforms. In urgent situations Crisis Resilience Online will create an automatic conference bridge.

COLLABORATE. Situation boards provide real time insight into the workings of incident and crisis management teams in any location and at all levels of the business. Teams and team members can share information, send additional alerts and set actions using the simple, flexible interface. Users have access to all active and historic incidents, their associated logs, action cards and task lists at anytime wherever they are in the world.

ACCESS FROM ANYWHERE. With access available from smart phones, tablets and other web enabled devices your team will always be able to manage an incident no matter when or where it may occur.


Control Risks’ Crisis Management Consulting will help you to develop a comprehensive crisis management capability encompassing plan development and drafting, team selection and training and crisis management exercises. Control Risks also offers unrivalled expertise in the area of kidnap incident management and response to extortive crime. This combination of practical consulting and Crisis Resilience Online support provides an unrivalled and comprehensive business continuity capability.