Kidnap Risk

International Kidnap Online Service (IKOS) is the only online subscription service dedicated to analysing global kidnap-for-ransom risk. IKOS, updated daily, is drawn from our team of specialist kidnap analysts as well as the world’s largest database of kidnap-for-ransom and extortion incidents, backed by Control Risks’ 39 years of operational experience.


ACCESS UNIQUE ANALYSIS. IKOS is the industry’s only subscription service dedicated solely to kidnap-for-ransom risks.

ACTIONABLE ADVICE. Our daily updates and background country analysis enable you to understand the threat environment in which you operate.

VIEW COMPREHENSIVE KIDNAP STATISTICS. Evaluate the risk to your personnel and operations using statistics on the geographical concentration of incidents, common victim types, case outcomes and average ransom demands and settlements.

GAIN DIRECT ACCESS TO THE EXPERTS. Consult our team of dedicated kidnap-for-ransom analysts.


IKOS can be seamlessly integrated with Country Risk Forecast (CRF) and Political Risk: Insight, Monitoring, Expertise (PRIME). This enables you to address both operational and security risk, as well as global political and regulatory developments with direct analyst access and analysis of kidnap-for-ransom incidents. These services combined allow for comprehensive risk monitoring and preparedness.