Winds across the Pacific: What the US election will bring to Asia

28 October 2016

It seems somewhat redundant at this stage to say that the US is experiencing an extraordinary and disturbing election season. The bitter divisiveness of the campaign, between Democrat Hillary Clinton and her Republican rival Donald Trump, has echoed across the Pacific to Asia.

Trump’s bombastic soundbites on Asia policy have captured headlines in the region and have been a distraction, while debates within Asia have not developed much beyond the expectation of “not Trump”, and a general sense that Clinton will bring relative continuity and stability. While basically correct, this obscures the prospect of less dramatic but potentially very significant adaptations in US behaviour in the region under Clinton, particularly regarding China.

A recent article by Control Risks’ chief US political risk analyst, Michael Moran, and Andrew Gilholm, head of analysis for Asia Pacific, looks at what the US election will mean for Asia Pacific.