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Cyber risks are discussed in every detail in business publications these days. Why should we focus another newsletter, our third edition of the Africa RiskWatch, on taking cyber risks seriously? Because it is necessary! Have you ever thought about NOT using the hotel WIFI while travelling? When sitting  alone in a hotel lobby, are you sometimes tempted to leave your laptop unattended, even for the shortest period of time? With strategic decision-making moving more and more towards regional headquarters in Nairobi, Lagos or Johannesburg, the information attackers could receive from you or your local employees is increasingly valuable. Systems and processes though – both from a technological, but also from a human/soft skill perspective – are often not at a sophisticated level yet. A simply dangerous combination.

Enjoy the articles from our cyber and security risk management team, we would be happy to chat about it in person.

Best regards,

Daniel Heal

Senior Managing Director East Africa, Control Risks.