Welcome to Control Risks' Africa newsletter

Welcome to the second edition of Control Risks’ RiskWatch newsletter. In this edition, we will explore the impact that foreign direct investment has on African countries. Being based in Johannesburg, South Africa, the need for FDI becomes obvious each day when we discuss the South African economy, the vast array of opportunities within southern Africa and the challenges investors face; electricity supply being one of them. The power sector is one of the many sectors in African countries that are desperate for investment. It is also one of the sectors most vulnerable to cyber attacks (as described by my colleagues from the cyber security team), creating a knock-on effect on other critical systems. Unblocking infrastructure financing constraints to the economy is one of the most essential tasks for the foreseeable future. To get on the right track, Africa is receiving sizeable amounts of foreign investment, especially from China. In the following articles, we will explore the opportunities for African countries and companies as a result of growing foreign direct investment, but will also look at the hurdles that need to be taken to make this investment a success for both sides. I hope you enjoy reading them and I encourage you to embrace these exciting opportunities.

Best regards,

George Nicholls

Senior Managing Director Southern Africa, Control Risks.