Welcome to Control Risks' new Africa newsletter

Welcome to the first edition of the Control Risks Africa Newsletter, aimed at our clients and partners alike. Each edition will provide a quarterly snapshot of key themes and issues facing businesses that seek to capture the tremendous opportunities of this inspiring and vibrant continent.

Nowhere is the paradox of risk and opportunity more evident than in my current location, Nigeria. Enviable economic growth numbers, burgeoning investor confidence and increasingly accountable government structures are the backdrop to heightened expectations for quick and positive change. As the sun descends on another hectic day, we are continually bombarded by the positivity and opportunity that symbolises many countries in Africa.

However, the stark challenges and a kaleidoscope of risks facing companies and the country ‒ be they operational, integrity or security ‒ cannot be ignored. Establishing a culture of risk management and resilience has been a cornerstone of the success of many of our clients operating across the region. It will become increasingly relevant as the type and maturity of businesses venturing into Africa change, and the risk environment and dynamics therein shift.

Control Risks has been operating in Africa for more than 30 years. We are proud of our position as leading risk advisers and partners to many companies across the region. Enjoy this newsletter; we welcome your feedback and continued support from all corners of the globe.

Best Regards

Tom Griffin

 Managing Director, West Africa