The Trump Presidency

Trump TV

Trump’s first 100 days

VIDEO | 22 NOV 2016

As widely expected, President-elect Donald Trump has pledged to withdraw the US from the Trans Pacific Partnership on his first day in office. Our principal US analyst, Michael Moran, looks at what else to look for in Trump’s first 100 days.

Donald Trump

The global implications of a Trump Presidency

PDF | 22 NOV 2016

President-elect Donald Trump did not comprehensively outline his domestic and foreign policies on the campaign trail. As a result, there is considerable uncertainty about which policies he will pursue in office. In this report, we explore how the incoming administration is likely to approach and influence regional politics worldwide, and how foreign governments are responding to the election result.

US Election Asia

Implications for Asia: the fulcrum of geopolitics

PDF | 22 NOV 2016

On Asia, as with many other topics, Trump’s campaign rhetoric tackled taboo subjects and hinted at major departures from fundamental policies and principles. The region now waits nervously to find out where and to what degree that rhetoric becomes policy.

UE Election Latin America

Implications for Latin America: beyond Mexico, par for the course

PDF | 22 NOV 2016

The overall context for looking ahead to what the new administration might do is that there has been no overarching ‘Latin America’ policy under the outgoing administration. There have been pockets of activity – Cuba, Central America, the Colombia peace deal, to name but three – but in general terms the region has received little attention from the US over the past several years. Mexico aside, it barely featured at all in the presidential campaign. This overall situation will largely remain the same under the new administration in the US.

US Election Europe

Implications for Europe: unease over trade and Nato

PDF | 22 NOV 2016

Throughout the campaign, European politicians were generally keen to say as little as possible about the contest across the Atlantic – with the obvious exception of Nigel Farage (UK Independence Party) and Geert Wilders (Dutch Party for Freedom), whose support was as vocal as it was predictable. This was despite an avalanche of, mostly negative, media coverage from even conservative outlets for whom a Republican win would normally be a matter of quiet satisfaction, if not gaudy celebration.

US Election MENA

Implications for Middle East and North Africa: politics remain fluid

PDF | 22 NOV 2016

The incoming president has expressed views on a range of issues pertaining to the Middle East and North Africa, including the international nuclear agreement with Iran, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the wars in Syria and Iraq, and the fight against Islamic State (IS). However, he has done so with varying degrees of detail and consistency, and much could change over the coming weeks and months as he lines up his cabinet and formulates key foreign policy positions.

US Election Africa

Implications for Africa: still second fiddle

PDF | 22 NOV 2016

Africa did not feature significantly during the presidential campaign, and the president-elect has made scarce reference to the region. As a result, there is little concrete indication of his administration’s prospective policy toward the region.