Travel Security Briefings and eLearning


Arriving at and travelling around an unfamiliar country or region can be un-nerving. As an employer, you have a duty of care to your employees to ensure they have the knowledge, skills and confidence to face the challenges of travel in these unfamiliar regions.
We offer two levels of travel security training for our clients’ employees, tailored travel security briefings and an e-learning package to support them in all aspects of their deployment, as well as security awareness training for expatriate employees working in particularly hostile or challenging regions.
Tailored security briefings

This training helps our clients assess the risks and key threats in the countries or regions they are travelling to, helps them plan for their travel and prepare them to react effectively in an emergency.
Course content is fully tailored to the specific trip you are embarking on, but it is likely to cover the following key elements:

  • Country-specific threats
  • Pre-trip preparation (checklist, sources of information)
  • Corporate support to business travellers
  • Airport procedures
  • Hotel security
  • Residential security (if required)
  • Personal security procedures
  • Local travel (use of taxis, hire cars, etc.)
  • Specific guidelines for women travellers (if required)
  • Action in emergencies (mugging, car-jack, kidnap, etc.)
  • Common scams on business travellers

eLearning course

We have developed a travel security eLearning course which is designed to equip business travellers with the knowledge, skills and confidence to safely undertake routine business travel.
Conducting general awareness travel security training via eLearning offers a number of benefits:

  • Employees can complete the training from their desk when it is convenient to them, without having to travel
  • Negligible incremental cost for training new employees
  • Rapid rollout and immediately available for all new staff
  • Fewer organisation and administration requirements
  • Incorporates a Learning Management System creating a clear training audit trail

The course covers a variety of situations associated with business travel, including:Destination risk assessment

  • Airport procedures
  • Information security
  • Meet and greet
  • Hotel security
  • Local travel arrangement

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