Kidnap Incident Management Workshops

Every year hundreds of people are kidnapped worldwide.

The highest risk countries include Mexico, India, Pakistan, Nigeria and Iraq but kidnap-for-ransom also presents a credible risk in many other countries across five continents. Offshore assets and personnel also face the risk of maritime kidnap in areas such as the Gulf of Guinea, Horn of Africa and South-East Asia.

Control Risks’ training enables clients to provide a timely and effective response to a corporate kidnap or piracy incident.

Unrivalled expertise

Using knowledge gained from over 40 years of resolving incidents and providing advice, analysis and guidance to clients, Control Risks has developed workshops that provide clients with an in-depth understanding of the complex and often delicate issues involved in a kidnap incident.

Trainers at our workshops have all worked extensively within crisis response and have hands-on experience managing kidnap and piracy incidents worldwide. The workshops will combine presentations, video and audio materials and simulated, interactive kidnap scenarios to educate participants on kidnap response.

What will be addressed?

  • How to respond in the critical first hours after an incident occurs
  • Roles and responsibilities of the crisis management team
  • Benefits of having an established policy in place
  • Skills and tactics required to influence the participants and reach a satisfactory resolution of the incident

Who should attend?

Kidnap Incident Management Workshops are designed for those who will have a key role in responding to a kidnap or piracy incident at either the executive or local level.

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Kidnap Incident Management

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