Security Reviews and Audit

Security reviews and audits are vital to security risk management. Reviews help decide what resources are needed, while audits are critical to the quality assurance process that strengthens implementation. Control Risks offers its clients two key advantages in this area. We use proven methodologies and our consultants understand that services must be tailored to the specific security context.
Security reviews assess your existing security infrastructure and methodologies.  They identify gaps and make recommendations so your security solutions can best mitigate risks associated with identified threats.
Security audits ensure policies and procedures are implemented correctly.

Both activities should be supported by a security risk assessment to help maintain a balanced approach to security risk management.
Examples of recent security review and audit tasks Control Risks has completed include:

  • Review of security considerations and supply chain (including maritime and rail infrastructure) for an extractives firm
  • Review of security infrastructure and methodologies on behalf of a leading engineering company operating in a remote region
  • Review of supply chain security for a large consumer goods company
  • Audit of security policy and procedure implementation for a major financial institution

Our security review and audit capabilities can be applied across all industries and on any scale.

For more information on our security review services please contact us.

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