Meet and Greet

Arriving in a new or unfamiliar country can be very disconcerting for business executives. Foreign executives represent an attractive target for opportunistic criminals, who often target them on arrival at the airport. With the Control Risks “meet and greet” service, experienced security consultants will meet your representatives at the airport and take them safely on to their destination.

Our meet and greet operatives are efficient and professional. They understand the challenges clients might face, and how to avoid them.

Prior to departure, Control Risks will send names, photographs and contact details of the security consultant together with detailed pick-up protocols. This ensures that there is no confusion or risk of the executives falling for a scam or being taken advantage of by opportunist criminals.

Where permissible, executives will be met by a Control Risks representative at the aircraft door and escorted through immigration, baggage claim and customs and delivered directly to the secure transport team. Upon departure, the Control Risks representative will ensure the visitors are checked in and escorted through the local federal departure procedures.

It is our practice to conduct a route analysis and reconnaissance prior to arrival to ensure of no unexpected problems, delays or unnecessary route changes. While in transit to the hotel or drop-off point, the Control Risks representative can also provide a general overview of the security environment or a formal safety briefing as needed.

As well as ensuring that the executives have been adequately briefed on the risks they might face and training them in how to react in an emergency situation, Control Risks can facilitate their time in-country too. Where the threat level requires it, we offer executive protection services and full journey management.

For more information on our meet and greet services please contact us.

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