Embedded Consulting Services

Whether the requirement is for a project security manager in Lagos or an analyst in Los Angeles, clients can outsource their staffing needs to Control Risks across the full range of our service lines. Our embedded consultants apply the in-depth global experience of Control Risks to meet our clients’ needs.

As a preferred employer in the security industry, Control Risks can recruit from among the best industry professionals globally. The experience of these people coupled with the support of Control Risks brings powerful knowledge and expertise to your business.

Embedded consulting services include:

  • Project security management:  Control Risks provides security managers equipped with the expertise and resources to help our clients operate effectively in challenging environments. These consultants develop sound security practices based on the risk environment and ensure that policies are integrated at strategic and local levels
  • Business process outsourcing:  Control Risks can provide individual consultants or project teams to support specific business processes: risk analysis, fraud and corruption compliance, complex investigations and security management
  • Recruiting:  By leveraging our contacts in the industry, Control Risks is well placed to source top talent for our clients.  We can access personal networks to identify individuals for specific positions in a targeted and discreet manner

Embedded consultants from Control Risks put valuable resources at our clients’ disposal on a daily basis.
For more information on our embedded consulting services please contact us.

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