Protective Design & Blast Engineering

The Control Risks Protective Design practice specialises in quantifying and mitigating the effects of bomb blasts, ballistic events, physical attack and vehicle impacts throughout the built environment.

Whatever the location, we assess the vulnerability of the client’s people and physical assets against recognised damage and injury levels. Then we develop mitigation strategies to reduce these vulnerabilities.

These mitigation strategies incorporate:

  • Blast mitigation:  based on the blast damage assessments, Control Risks will provide design guidance for the adjustment of structural and façade elements of buildings to protect the core of the building against blast.  We will work with the structural design engineers to ensure our design guidance is structurally acceptable
  • Ballistic mitigation: where such measures are appropriate, our consultants will design proportionate ballistic mitigation systems into clients’ built infrastructure. This typically goes beyond bullet-resistant glass to include walls, doorways and, where appropriate, floors and ceilings
  • Physical attack mitigation: the level of protection provided by a physical barrier depends upon the skill and equipment of those trying to breach it. We will assess the efficacy of existing measures and design in protection against a variety of types of physical attack.