Enterprise Risk Management

In an uncertain and competitive commercial landscape, enterprises are driven to scale their businesses, continually improve performance, venture into new markets and attract new talent.

This is often performed with finite resources and without a full understanding of the internal and external threats the business faces.

Control Risks helps clients to understand these challenges and to manage their risks effectively.

The ERM process:

  • Understanding your enterprise through methods such as gap analysis against given standards and the Control Risks programme maturity modelling process.
  • Developing the ERM framework by enhancing your organisation’s risk appetite statement and the management process. We help you formalise or improve your risk governance structure along with an ERM policy that meshes with your existing policy portfolio.
  • Executing the risk management process through interactive risk workshops, bringing various owners of risk information and programmes to discuss their risks, align on priorities, and agree to mitigation strategies
  • Conducting specialised risk assessments into a number of your organisation’s risk areas, including compliance, security, operational business continuity and market entry.
  • Implementation through creation of key risk indicators and the tools to keep track of risks, along with metrics to inform about necessary changes to mitigation strategies.


Enterprise Risk Management

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Enterprise Risk Management

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