Kidnap, Extortion & Threat

Control Risks’ response team has an unparalleled expertise in the field of resolving cases of kidnap, piracy, extortion, threat and illegal detention. We have advised clients on the resolution of more than 2,800 such cases and have amassed over 48,000 case-days of experience. We have worked extensively in every region of the world, including 133 countries, with particular expertise in crisis hot spots.

In the event of a kidnap, Control Risks will deploy a consultant anywhere in the world. The consultant will evaluate the circumstances, advise on possible options and explain the likely sequence of events. He or she will advise on negotiation strategies, undertake appropriate liaison with all interested parties and where appropriate offer support with victim rehabilitation.

Beyond kidnap, we have consultants with specialist knowledge across a wide range of issues: fraud, terrorism, pandemic, extortion, worker activism and animal rights extremism. We can provide qualified, experienced consultants to advise a client’s crisis management team. This gives clients access to first-hand experience and advice based on lessons learned.

Our consultants are drawn from a range of backgrounds and speak a number of languages. Unlike most other providers, all of our consultants are full-time, salaried employees dedicated to kidnap and crisis response work and are available for immediate deployment anywhere in the world. We never subcontract to outsiders. This allows us to maintain the highest quality standards in each and every case.

Clients can access our Response Services through our 24-hour Global Security Centre. A Response duty manager will contact the client within ten minutes of the first call being received and will provide immediate advice while a consultant is being deployed.

Our consultants can draw upon the expertise of an in-house research team of multi-lingual analysts to help build an understanding of the likely motivations and tactics of kidnappers.

Control Risks is retained exclusively by Hiscox at Lloyds of London to provide priority crisis response to clients insured under kidnap-for-ransom and extortion policies:

Additionally, we deliver incident management training workshops designed to provide participants with an understanding of the delicate issues that need to be resolved during a kidnap or extortion to enable them to respond quickly and effectively.

For more information on our kidnap response services please contact us.