Maritime Security Online

Control Risks’ Maritime Security Online is an information platform that provides up-to-date, predictive analysis of all events, trends and developments in the global maritime sector. The web-based platform is designed to assist clients in identifying, assessing and mitigating key maritime risks.
Key functions of the site include:

  • Interactive Map – all locations of maritime incidents recorded by Control Risks from 2007 to date
  • Alerts – email and SMS alerts to keep subscribers up-to-date on areas of immediate concern
  • Advisories – weekly and monthly forecasting
  • Analysis – analytical updates will address broader regional and thematic developments
  • Journey Planner – clients can enter a route into the transit planner and will receive a detailed breakdown of the risks en route
  • Vessel Tracking – clients can also integrate their tracking feeds into the system to visualise their assets in relation to the risks
  • Offshore Monitoring – clients can monitor activity around static and slow-moving assets such as oil platforms and seismic operations
  • Risk Recommendations – security recommendations based on routes and specific maritime areas
  • Port Security – ports will be rated according to risk

For further information on Maritime Security Online and to request a demonstration, please contact us.

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Maritime Security Online

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