Cyber Protect

Mitigate your information security risks

Cyber Protect helps your organisation develop and implement an effective information security programme, driven by reducing enterprise risk and securing your most critical assets against your likely threats.

Evaluate your critical assets. Some parts of your organisation face elevated threats and need extra protection. We identify and evaluate your critical assets and identify specific attack paths that threat actors may use to compromise them, so that you can effectively allocate resources to protect those assets and mitigate your company’s risks.

Understand your threat. We conduct a threat assessment specific to your organisation to help you understand the threat actors that may target you, their tactics and techniques and the assets they typically target. We can also assess whether your systems have already been compromised. This awareness helps you proactively detect and defend against your specific threats.

Assess your maturity. We conduct a comprehensive assessment of your information security posture to provide you with an understanding of your maturity relative to the cyber threats that you face. We use this to develop action plans to improve your general information security maturity, providing a level of defence suitable for most of your assets.

Test your capability. We exercise your processes, test your ability to prevent and detect advanced attacks and uncover vulnerabilities in a controlled and productive environment.

Develop your maturity roadmap. Using the results from our assessments, we recommend and plan improvements necessary to mature your information security programme, secure your business and reduce your risk.

Transform your environment. Based on your maturity roadmap, we help implement specific actions to transform your cyber defence programme. This includes maturing your strategy and governance structure, information security policies, detection and response capability, technical tools and configurations, personnel training and crisis management.

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