Social Risk Consulting

A company and its operations are part of a constant interplay in a social environment, with each affecting the other. If the company fails to take account of these impacts, it is likely to face a political and social backlash. Social risks are ever-present. Labour and human rights violations, environmental degradation, corruption or the implications of undue social and economic stratification or marginalisation not only cause serious harm to the local people involved, but can make business unsustainable in the long run.
We help our clients identify, monitor and mitigate those risks, thereby maximising sustainable commercial opportunities. We assess the risk of business integrity lapses, as well as adverse human rights and environmental impacts on key stakeholders. Our approach includes considerations such as employment conditions, public health, the rule of law, corruption and freedom of association, selected according to each client’s specific footprint. Using a tailored human rights impact methodology based on the guiding principles unanimously endorsed by the UN Human Rights Council in 2011, Control Risks offers a strategic consulting capability that addresses all aspects of national, regional and local social risk:

Human rights due diligence provides clients with a detailed analysis of the company’s operations and relationships in its social, political and economic footprint, and then evaluates that analysis in light of international human rights standards, guided by the existing body of national and international human rights law. This two-step due diligence process generates a picture of what we call “human rights risks”, which we can manage and mitigate for our clients.

Implementation guidance on industry initiatives such as the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights (VPSHR) helps clients manage project security in volatile and complex areas where public and private security providers do not always operate in accordance with local law, or with international humanitarian law and human rights standards.

Social impact assessments provide an independent audit or review of a client’s operations. Combining a highly qualified and experienced network of in-house country analysts with the on-the-ground expertise and day-to-day awareness of Control Risks’ extensive international footprint, we offer assessment services and thorough reviews for companies seeking an independent audit or an evaluation of their social impact, whether globally, regionally or locally, or for individual business operations or processes.

Stakeholder mapping and engagement can help forge alliances that build support and awareness and recommend ways to maintain positive engagement. Control Risks has experience navigating the map of local stakeholders and engaging with them in ways that lead to productive relationships for both sides. We also provide power mapping exercises, which describe the power dynamics at play in a location and help focus action towards those who have the greatest potential for affecting change.

Effective social risk management is a continuous process, and we therefore place particular emphasis on continuous monitoring and review.

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