Economic and Political Risk

Control Risks and Oxford Economics have joined forces to provide an innovative political and economic risk forecasting service that takes a holistic view of risk in a complex, rapidly changing, globalised world.

Control Risks and Oxford Economics combine extensive geopolitical, operational and security expertise with rigorous economic forecasts and models on 200 countries and 100 industries.

Together, we provide the most complete risk analysis in the market with an unparalleled network of more than 200 geopolitical and economic experts around the world.

Economic and Political Risk Evaluator

Economic and Political Risk Evaluator (EPRE) provides a framework for forecasting economic and geopolitical risks in 164 countries through regularly updated ratings, in-depth profiles, and event-driven analysis. It is a subscription service that can be customised to fit an organisation’s own risk profile.

 Ox and CR

Customised Solutions

Control Risks and Oxford Economics together offer full-spectrum consulting that enables your organisation to navigate the world of political and economic risk. Covering all aspects of the investment journey, including security and integrity risk, our joint consultancy practice can overlay geopolitical and economic scenarios to bring new insights and direction.


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