Strategic Business Intelligence

Control Risks has long held a commitment to making sure our clients are more informed, more prepared and more competitive. Our approach to investigations is different as we deliver not only results, but actionable intelligence and critical information about the environments in which our clients operate. Stakeholder mapping, competitive intelligence, and broad market trends give clients the upper hand in any investigative context. Granular details about individuals, partners and government actors provide the ability to make clear decisions in fast-moving situations.

Contested bid and proxy battle support.

Understand the motivation and capability of stakeholders in contested bids and proxy battles. We analyse the financial capability of bidders, the financial profile of management and shareholders and the motivations of key stakeholders.
Identify misrepresentations, conflicts of interest and omissions of facts. Control Risks identifies undisclosed information that could impact a target or acquirer, such as a history of value creation or destruction, criminal convictions, regulatory violations and problematic business associations.

Market entry and market exit consulting

Know who to deal with, who to avoid, how the business climate is likely to evolve and what factors can influence the success or failure of a venture. (M&A Support)
Understand the political environment. With our consulting, monitoring and analysis, stay ahead of developments in political, regulatory, operational and security risk at a national, regional and local level.

Competitor intelligence & analysis

Understand and master the competitive landscape.  Using our market leading expertise in the collection and analysis of hard-to-get information, we help you understand the strengths, weaknesses, plans and intentions of the competition to maximise competitive advantage.

Control Risks conducts competitor intelligence assignments with utmost discretion and in accordance with the highest ethical standards and legal requirements.