Stakeholder Mapping & Analysis

Comprehensive Stakeholder Assessment

Control Risks has long held a commitment to making sure our clients are more informed, more prepared and more competitive. We deliver not only results, but actionable intelligence and critical information about the environments in which our clients operate. Stakeholder mapping, competitive intelligence, and broad market trends give clients the upper hand in any investigative context. Granular details about individuals, partners and government actors provide the ability to make clear decisions in fast-moving situations.

Identify supportive, neutral or opposed parties and plan accordingly. We assess the political and operational factors of a location that impact your business.

Calibrate the relevance and influence of stakeholders: organisations, institutions, communities or businesses and the key individuals within these bodies.

Map the interactions and interconnectedness between relevant entities and individuals, focusing on their informal and formal links.

Engage, manage and communicate with these key stakeholders, maximising opportunities and minimising risks.

Social Risk Assessment

Ensuring a project has the social licence to operate is crucial to its success. Control Risks uses a mix of intelligence-gathering and investigative skills to understand social risks through the concerns and needs of local communities.

Implement zero tolerance to corruption in markets where bribery, extortion and other corrupt practices are endemic.

Protect your assets and people through positive engagement. We have enabled clients in broadly hostile environments to insulate projects from damaging activity by helping them establish operations that benefit the surrounding communities.