M&A Support

Integrity due diligence and background checks

Gain a 360-degree view of your counterparties through a combination of public record research and discreet on-the-ground source enquiries. Findings are contextualised, drawing on Control Risks’ extensive global expertise across a broad range of industries.

Understand the intangible: company reputation, quality of management and individual personalities.

Implement robust risk management and satisfy regulatory requirements such as AML, KYC, UKBA, FCPA in high-risk markets.

Market entry and market exit consulting

Know who to deal with, who to avoid, how the business climate is likely to evolve and what factors can influence the success or failure of a venture.

Overcome information gaps by acquiring intelligence and refine decision-making in light of jurisdictional or sector risks.

We work in the most opaque jurisdictions in the world unravelling the hidden threads linking politics to business, uncovering the relationships most likely to affect investors.

We work discreetly through a source network built up over four decades of consulting around the world.

Transaction and M&A support

Qualify relevant M&A targets and joint venture partnership opportunities around the world. We help clients make informed transaction decisions and achieve optimal negotiating positions, including assessment of shareholders and staff at target organisations.

We have special expertise in:

  • Wholesale & investment banking: Control Risks undertakes detailed Due Diligence in support of wholesale banking lending relationships, capital markets transactions and client on-boarding processes (Compliance Due Diligence).
  • Private Equity: We have developed pre-transaction Due Diligence processes for private equity clients. We identify political connections, client contacts and supplier networks within the target management team. We assess current government-sponsored tariffs or incentives and the intentions of exiting owners.
  • Alternative Investments: Control Risks works with a select number of alternative investors, providing strategic intelligence regarding distressed, special situation and event-driven investment opportunities.