Control Risks provides intelligence-driven consulting services in support of clients’ corporate development, strategy, investment and lending processes.

We employ a truly global complement of highly technical investigative professionals with real-world, relevant experience and a unique ability to apply local political and business context.

Our investigative ranks include certified accountants, attorneys, and former prosecutors, law enforcement and intelligence officers, as well as industry professionals from senior management, compliance and finance.

We recognize the value of intelligence. Control Risks has long held a commitment to making sure our clients are more informed, more prepared and more competitive. Our approach to investigations is different as we deliver not only results, but actionable intelligence and critical information about the environments in which our clients operate. Stakeholder mapping, competitive intelligence, and broad market trends give clients the upper hand in any investigative context. Granular details about individuals, partners and government actors provide the ability to make clear decisions in fast-moving situations.

We are specialists in the collection and analysis of hard-to-obtain information in order to address company risks and better inform strategic and tactical decisions.

We help clients resolve uncertainty and speed up their decision-making.

Key contacts
Robert Boyd - London
Daniel Rudder - New York
Rosie Hawes - Shanghai
Joe Morris - Singapore
Jonathan Siklos - Dubai