Litigation and dispute services

Control Risks’ litigation and dispute services practice includes a team of industry experts, forensic accountants, business intelligence analysts, and technology capabilities that provide clients and counsel with the solutions needed for complex event driven matters.

Dispute Advisory: When clients face high-stakes commercial litigation, Control Risks offers a team of experts to analyse the critical factors required for a strong defence.  Our team has a wealth of experience developing a strategy, analysing data, quantifying liabilities and damages, and evaluating opposing parties’ arguments and reviewing the evidence produced. 

Forensic Accounting: We have experts skilled in sophisticated analysis of accounting, banking, financial and regulatory information to provide an independent assessment of exposure and risks. Our team has experience analysing company financial statements, reviewing and assessing internal accounting systems and controls and quantifying losses. The team is particularly adept at analysing enterprise data resident in ERP systems such as SAP, Oracle and Microsoft.

Expert Witness and Monitorships: Our team has industry experts who have experience with oral and written testimony as forensic experts, who have testified in relation to computer misuse and in independent investigations. They have authored affidavits, produced technical reports and presented in court. Experts have also served as court-appointed monitors after settlements with the government to avoid further prosecution or as part of a consent order.

Class Action and Product Liability: Our team has worked on many of the largest global product liability matters and cross border, mass litigation suits embroiling the world’s largest automotive, energy, pharmaceutical and consumer companies. We have assisted counsel with forensics, data collection and analyses to understand claimants’ allegations, assessing certification standing and reviewing key documents in high profile environment incidents, manufacturer recall and other multi-jurisdictional litigation. We also provide discreet source enquiries and due diligence on key litigants, parties and witnesses.

When high profile matters arise, we also assist with mitigating shareholder and reputational risks supporting business executives in leading a strategic response to litigation.

Forensic Technology: Control Risks offers clients a suite of technology services to wade through the volumes of critical data required in modern litigation and disputes.  These efficient and cost effective services include computer forensics, e-discovery, advanced analytics and consulting advisory.

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