Cyber Investigations

When your organisation is the target of malicious cyber activity, whether you were the intended target or not, Control Risks has the expertise to help you tackle anything from a phishing attempt to a wholesale data breach.

Deploy first responders. We arrive on site within 24 hours to help you triage the incident, prioritize immediate actions, orchestrate resources, make difficult decisions, govern your response.

Provide crisis management. Our experts help you manage the crisis to ensure clear executive decision making, coordinate crisis teams, maintain business continuity, liaise with vendors and third parties, communicate with key internal and external stakeholders, and remediate the issue.

Investigate and remediate. Together with our technical partners, we identify the root cause of an incident and whether you were the target of malicious action. We preserve key forensic evidence, establish the scope of the impact, identify indicators of compromise, restore secure operations, and remediate vulnerabilities to strengthen your future security posture.

Leverage legal compliance expertise. Our global team of experts can work alongside legal professionals to  help you navigate your legal requirements to limit your liability and meet your responsibility to shareholders, regulators, law enforcement, and other key stakeholders wherever you operate.

What is the current cyber threat landscape?

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