Corruption, Fraud and Regulatory Investigations

Control Risks employs a truly global complement of highly technical investigative professionals with real-world, relevant experience and a unique ability to apply local political and business context.

Our investigative ranks include certified accountants, attorneys, and former prosecutors, law enforcement and intelligence officers, as well as industry professionals from senior management, compliance and finance.

We pride ourselves on our ability to work seamlessly with counsel and provide added value and technical capability to an investigative team.  Our accounting, eDiscovery and data solutions, language skills and review of internal controls all sit in a forensic data collection framework that meets law enforcement evidentiary standards.

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Anti-bribery and Corruption expertise. Our investigative professionals have decades of combined experience assisting clients with bribery and corruption risk in every corner of the globe. Our experience crosses numerous industries, from healthcare and pharma to energy and extractives, telecommunications, manufacturing and infrastructure.

We have served as government-appointed monitors and appeared alongside our clients and their counsel in front of regulatory enforcement agencies across the world

Investigating fraud and impropriety is second nature to us. From embezzlement and financial statement fraud to money laundering and conflicts of interest, Control Risks has been focused on helping companies investigate and resolve these issues for more than twenty years. We take a client-centric approach to investigation, combining a keen understanding of the complexity of opaque business environments with a realistic approach to solving problems.

We recognize the value of intelligence. Control Risks has long held a commitment to making sure our clients are more informed, more prepared and more competitive. Our approach to investigations is different as we deliver not only results, but actionable intelligence and critical information about the environments in which our clients operate. Stakeholder mapping, competitive intelligence, and broad market trends give clients the upper hand in any investigative context. Granular details about individuals, partners and government actors provide the ability to make clear decisions in fast-moving situations.

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Fraud, bribery and corruption investigations

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