Control Risks employs a truly global complement of highly technical investigative professionals with real-world, relevant experience and a unique ability to apply local political and business context.

Our investigative ranks include certified accountants, attorneys, and former prosecutors, law enforcement and intelligence officers, as well as industry professionals from senior management, compliance and finance.

Technology in everything we do. Today, it is rare that an investigation of any kind does not benefit from technology solutions. Control Risks has a truly global technology capability that offers end-to-end solutions in support of investigative activity.

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With the experience of professionals who have a complete understanding of the challenges that surround these services, such as data privacy laws, protection of state secrets and sanctions, we provide:

Complex multi-jurisdictional investigations involving allegations of corruption, fraud, money laundering, intellectual property violations, conflicts of interest and other financial and employee malfeasance.

Best-practice methodologies in investigation planning, evidence gathering, interviewing, data analytics, forensic accounting, reporting and remediation.

Discreet, resourceful and intelligence-supported investigative services. With multilingual business intelligence, security and political risk analysts, Control Risks’ teams are able to deliver investigative services to address our clients’ needs.