Regulatory and Compliance Risk Assessments

Control Risks helps organisations assess risks related to bribery and corruption, fraud, anti-trust and supply chains.  Our risk assessment process can include comprehensive risk profiling which incorporates these risks, transactional testing to identify high risk activities and potential gaps, and recommendations for improvement.

Control Risks can:

  • Assess company, country or industry specific corruption risk factors.  Determine the best operations and jurisdictions in which to conduct transactional testing and interviews. We focus on meaningful and actionable reporting, so the client can remediate gaps and identify issues.
  • Identify fraud risk and related controls designed to mitigate the risk. We identify potential gaps and help you improve internal controls to reduce the likelihood of fraud to an acceptable level.
  • Help you to understand anti-trust risks across industry sectors and markets, such as interactions with competitors, intentional or inadvertent information sharing.

Supply Chain Reviews

Comprehensive profiling of an organisation’s risk points, transactional testing to identify high-risk activities and potential gaps, and recommendations for heightened focus. 

Partner/3rd Party audit

Profiling third-party partners of global organisations and have successfully implemented risk-based techniques and processes to drive the due diligence processes within our clients’ organisations.

Creating best practices to streamline due diligence procedures and reduce resource strain through the use of risk-based procedures and technology tools.

Monitoring third-party relationships, either as part of an overall compliance programme or specifically related to enforcement of contractual audit rights.