Compliance Due Diligence

Control Risks’ global presence and detailed understanding of local business practices and industry risk brings unrivalled depth to our due diligence services.

Address regulatory and compliance risks relating to third parties enabling you to minimize regulatory risk and enhance business decisions.

Investigate suspected third-party compliance breaches. Our global footprint, combined with our decentralized investigative teams, specialist research and focused on-the-ground sources, give your company the ability to make informed decisions.

Full knowledge of current anti-corruption regulations, including potential regulatory risks related to the FCPA, UK Bribery Act, local corruption legislation and other regulatory requirements.

Third party screening

High-volume, global third-party and agent screening. Reduce the risk of dealing with corrupt agents, vendors and business partners and if corrupt practices are uncovered, prove rigorous screening has been applied.

Examination of public profiles, business relationships and commercial track records. Highlight “red flags”, including potential high-risk political links.

Third party monitoring

Interview of key employees with oversight responsibility related to third party relationships.

Understand partners’ compliance culture through questionnaires and interviews. Visibility of policies and procedures, training, and strength of accounting systems and internal controls.

Operational reviews of third party processes, financial transactions and records to evaluate the appropriateness of assets, expenses, and cash and reserve usage.

Cyber due diligence

Gain a clear picture of a target’s cyber security programme and the potential risks it exposes you to. Equally, if you are the seller, conducting a self cyber due diligence before going public will increase the value of your proposition.