Anti-fraud and AML Consulting

Control Risks helps businesses understand, manage and mitigate their exposure to fraud and money-laundering risks. We combine considerable experience advising on integrity risk issues in all markets with our analytical understanding of the operational and political environment, augmented by forensic, data analysis and investigative skillsets to devise practical, tested and workable solutions.

Internal controls, consulting and reviews

We advise clients on key internal controls and processes relevant to corruption, fraud, supply chain and procurement. We work with clients to identify and remediate gaps, leading to improved controls environments.

Internal controls:

  • Analysis of financial controls to ensure compliance.
  • Identification of critical operational controls customized to a client’s business and industry.
  • Incorporation of internal controls testing.

Processes and frameworks:

  • Review of policies and procedures to address compliance risk areas and employee awareness.
  • Assess compliance frameworks for relevant regulatory guidance.
  • Assessment of company resources to achieve an operational compliance programme framework including staffing, systems and technology.

Data analytics

Acquire and analyse high volumes of data to uncover and address potential fraud, corruption and other integrity risks.

Review financial and enterprise data sources using in-house software and customized analytical procedures in tandem with our professional judgment and expertise.

Identify high risk activities through the execution of targeted programmatic computer scripts. More

Risk assessments

Identify fraud risk indicators by transaction type and the related controls in place designed to mitigate the risk.

Testing to improve internal controls. Identify functionality and potential gaps and use results to assist the organization in improving internal controls to reduce the likelihood of fraud.


Educate employees, management, and boards of directors on issues such as corruption and fraud prevention, internal controls, anti-money laundering and anti-trust compliance.

Design training programmes aligned with the client’s specific needs. These can be delivered online or in person.