Anti Bribery and Corruption Consulting

Our investigative professionals have decades of combined experience assisting clients with bribery and corruption risk in multiple sectors and in every corner of the globe. We have served as government-appointed monitors and appeared alongside our clients and their counsel in front of regulatory enforcement agencies around the world.

Corruption Risk Assessments

Assess risks related to bribery and corruption, fraud, anti-trust and supply chains in the context of changing regulatory environments, compliance programmes, or business transactions.

Comprehensive profiling of an organisation’s risk points, transactional testing to identify high-risk activities and potential gaps, and recommendations for heightened focus.

Contextually relevant insights into global risk. We leverage our extensive network of regional experts and analysts to provide insights that only local nationals can provide.


Comprehensive compliance training programmes for global organisations. Educate employees, management and Boards, on corruption and fraud prevention, internal controls, anti-money laundering and anti-trust compliance.

Compliance training is tailored to a client’s objectives, company and country culture, and industry specific needs.

Our training includes online programmes, specific modules for higher risk organisational functions, face-to-face sessions using tailored scenarios and risk-based training for third party partners.

3rd Party Screening Programme Development

Identify and mitigate compliance risk associated with local agents, distributors, dealers, joint venture partners, vendors and licensees.

Streamline due diligence procedures. Advice on best practices to streamline due diligence procedures and reduce resource strain through the use of risk-based procedures and technology tools.

Monitoring third-party relationships, either as part of an overall compliance programme or specifically related to enforcement of contractual audit rights.


We act as an independent compliance monitor  if needed as a result of settlements with government entities or as part of a compliance programme review.

Gain an integrated view of corporate compliance through a multi-disciplinary team of forensic accountants, investigators and former law enforcement officials.

Enhancement of existing policies, procedures and practices to conform to governmental guidance related to the FCPA, the UK Bribery Act and similar laws in other jurisdictions.

Multi-year monitorships for global organisations based on settlements with regulatory agencies. We have also served as Independent Compliance Consultant to assess an existing compliance programme status, make recommendations for improvement and verify implementation of such recommendations over the course of a multi-year engagement.