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The content in this section has been compiled by Control Risks analysts and consultants. This material offers invaluable insights into the real challenges our clients are facing and is updated on a regular basis.

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    Automotive Expert Brief: the end of Mexico's moment

    Over the last two decades Mexico’s automotive sector has more than tripled in size. What does the election of Donald Trump as the next US president and a potential NAFTA renegotiation mean for Mexico?

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    Putin (expectedly) deflects blame, chides U.S. Democratic leadership.

    "It is not us to be blamed" was Russia’s Vladimir Putin leitmotif through the four-hour Q&A marathon he held in Moscow for more than 1,400 Russian and foreign journalists on December 24. The Russian president explained his country’s geopolitical vigour in the past years by the need to react to external threats, sometimes stemming from malign or reckless U.S. moves.

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    Angolan elections and dos Santos

    Reports that President José Eduardo dos Santos will step down in 2017 after 38 years in power are likely to be accurate. What will the impact of this be?

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