Cyber and Information Security (eLearning)

Business travellers today often carry several portable devices to keep connected while away. These devices pose an attractive target to criminals for the confidential information they contain. As cyber and information security threats become more sophisticated, the risks to this information is further heightened. In support of this, Control Risks is offering a new eLearning course which aims to raise an individual’s understanding of these types of potential attacks and how to protect against them thereby keeping their own and company information and devices safe and secure.

Developed by our cyber, information and travel security experts, this course has been designed as an eLearning package which can be made readily available and accessible to an international audience. It is of benefit to anyone travelling – whether to low or high risk destinations, both domestically and internationally.


UNDERSTAND THE THREATS AND HOW TO PROTECT AGAINST THEM. This course focuses on understanding and mitigating against the cyber and information security threats facing today’s business travellers. The topics include: types of threats to traveller’s information security, understanding how criminals attempt to steal traveller’s information, and how to mitigate the risk to information security before, during and after travel.

LEARN AT YOUR OWN PACE. The course takes 20 minutes to complete and is structured into bite-sized modules. It is interactive and engaging, combining real scenarios and experiences.

DEMONSTRATE DUTY OF RESPONSIBILITY. Through completion reports and certificates issued, participants can demonstrate their compliance and understanding of best practice in securing valuable corporate information.


Control Risks, in collaboration with International SOS, is able to deliver a broad range of training options to support organizations with staff travelling globally – this includes topics covering a range of security and medical topics through a variety of ways including virtual learning, classroom training, and practical hands-on workshops over several days.