Advanced Security eLearning

Bringing together the unparalleled expertise of Control Risks’ training, response and crisis management departments, the Advanced Security Training course focuses on understanding and mitigating against the advanced security risks facing travelers. Delivered as an eLearning package, this course assists staff that are unable to attend more comprehensive practical training.


UNDERSTAND SECURITY RISKS AND HOW TO REACT. This course covers more advanced security issues potentially affecting travelers and learners will gain knowledge and understanding of these risks and how to mitigate them. The topics include: Surveillance Awareness, Journey Planning and Management, Reaction to an Incident, Introduction to Kidnap and Kidnap Survival.

LEARN AT YOUR OWN PACE. The course is structured into five bite-sized modules each lasting between six and fourteen minutes. It is interactive and engaging, combining real scenarios and experiences.

DEMONSTRATE DUTY OF CARE. Through completion reports and certificates issued, organisations will be confident that their employees have been duly equipped prior to travel.

Control Risks, in collaboration with International SOS, is able to deliver a broad range of training options to support organizations with staff travelling globally – this includes topics covering a range of security and medical topics through a variety of ways including virtual learning, classroom training, and practical hands-on workshops over several days.