Analytics and Incident Mapping

Analytics and Incident Mapping (AIM) is an archive of political violence and crime incidents that have commercial relevance. It provides both historic incident information and up-to-date alerts of new incidents on a daily basis. With a visualisation tool and a powerful analytical capability, AIM allows you to benchmark and compare incidents across countries. This, combined with the comprehensive trend analysis and granular incident monitoring, enables you to assess the likely threats to your business and plan accordingly.


GAIN QUICK ANALYTICAL INSIGHT. Understand the nature of the threats you face with incidents coded by country, region, category, sector, asset affected, attack type, estimated financial loss, severity and perpetrator.

CONDUCT YOUR OWN DETAILED ANALYSIS. Use advanced filters and our integrated analytics portal to understand the risks to your assets and how they impact your sector, and run trend analysis to assist decision making.

UNDERSTAND YOUR ENVIRONMENT. Precision geocoding helps you monitor the security situation where you have strategic interests or operations to help you respond to events.

MAKE INFORMED DECISIONS FASTER. Understand and respond quickly to trends that could affect your operations, assets and profitability.

The AIM archive includes global political violence incidents, categorised as follows:
Terrorism and Sabotage | War and Civil Conflict | Unrest (including strikes, riots, protests and civil commotion) | Crime


AIM includes asset visualisation, a powerful new tool that helps clients evaluate their exposure to risks. Integrated with our dynamic mapping interface, asset visualisation enables clients to view their assets on Control Risks’ online platform alongside our other geospatial information, including political violence and crime incidents, risk ratings, and daily analysis. Clients can manage their own asset information through a custom-built interface that is intuitive to use and supports bulk uploads