Security and Operational Risk

Country Risk Forecast (CRF) delivers expert, independent analysis on events around the world, enabling you to understand the potential impact of these events on your business. Country Risk Forecast is delivered online and updated daily. It covers political, operational and security issues for over 220 countries and territories. Daily updates are delivered to your inbox, ensuring you have the most up-to-date information on which to make business decisions.

ACT ON ANALYSIS. Make informed commercial decisions and address short- to medium-term business risks with our independent, forward-looking and business-focused advice. Monitor changes to the potential risks your organisation faces with updated risk ratings and email alerts.

COMPARE COUNTRIES AND THEIR RISK RATINGS. Our risk rating system monitors and compares political, operational, security and terrorism risk across countries and regions.

ACCESS DETAILED COUNTRY OVERVIEWS. Keep abreast of the risks of operating in-country with comprehensive country summaries and current risk ratings. Understand the issues pertinent to your commercial environment.

UNDERSTAND THE GLOBAL RISK LANDSCAPE. Use our interactive mapping to assess country risks at a glance and make regional comparisons.

STAY INFORMED. Our analysis is compiled by a team of over 60 experts: these country analysts and editors deliver detailed content, drawing on their backgrounds and extensive, on-the-ground experience.


Country Risk Forecast can be seamlessly integrated with Travel Security Online, delivered as part of a Security Membership with our joint venture partner International SOS. This membership allows you to address both individual travel risk, and business-focused operational and security risk. It also allows for comprehensive risk monitoring and preparedness, enabling you to effectively manage your business risks.


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