Political Risk

Political Risk: Insight, Monitoring, Expertise (PRIME) is a retainer-based service offering direct contact with our country analysts. Addressing global political and regulatory developments and their impact on business environments, PRIME helps you understand the drivers of change, anticipate future developments and make informed commercial decisions.


GAIN DIRECT ACCESS TO COUNTRY EXPERTISE. PRIME gives you access to our analysts around the world who will provide you with advice that is tailored to the specific needs and footprint of your organisation. All our analysts are experts in their field as well as having extensive, on-the-ground experience.

CUSTOMISE YOUR ANALYSIS. Choose the format, delivery method, geographical coverage and sector focus of the analysis you receive.

FORWARD LOOKING. Use scenario forecasts to understand a country’s political stability, likely future trajectory, and key trends and uncertainties over a two-year period to inform your future planning.

SEE THE BROADER CONTEXT. Explore risk trends and developments in detail and understand the implications for your business or sector with comprehensive research notes.


PRIME can be seamlessly integrated with our Country Risk Forecast service. This enables you to address both operational and security risk, as well as global political and regulatory developments. It also allows for comprehensive risk monitoring and preparedness. AIM can be seamlessly integrated with Country Risk Forecast (CRF) and Political Risk: Insight, Monitoring, Expertise (PRIME). Combined, these services enable you to address the operational and security risks to your organisation as well as assessing the political and regulatory developments that may affect your business.