Maritime Risk

Maritime Security Online (MSO) is a dedicated web-based platform designed to assist you in identifying, assessing and mitigating key risks in the maritime environment. Maritime Security Online features interactive route mapping, email alerts, offshore monitoring, plus in-depth analysis of issues affecting the maritime sector giving rounded and detailed information for essential decision-making.


VISUALISE THE RISKS TO YOUR BUSINESS. Access a customised mapping tool with advanced filters, maritime-specific overlays and a comprehensive incident data set to visualise relevant information.

ADD VALUE TO OPERATIONS. Assess historical patterns of activity, receive location-specific analysis and monitor incidents relevant to the planning of transit routes and protection of assets.

MAKE INFORMED DECISIONS FASTER. Benefit from a synthesis of open and closed source data on a variety of global maritime risks brought together in one database, which is a comprehensive archive for all maritime information.

GET BEHIND THE HEADLINES. Gain insight and benefit from the in-depth analysis of an expert adviser when assessing key trends and issues by country, region, theme and sector.

GAIN DIRECT ACCESS TO EXPERTISE. Speak to our maritime analysts about specific issues affecting your business or request a bespoke assessment as part of your monthly access.


Control Risks’ dedicated team of maritime analysts have collectively been advising organisations on political, security, operational and integrity risks in the maritime domain for over a decade. Public source data is complemented and verified using privileged source information gleaned from embedded consultants, security teams, country analysts and additional personnel operating in Control Risks’ offices and client locations worldwide.