Cyber Risk

Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) is a subscription service that provides a deep understanding of cyber threats through regular reporting and direct access to expert analysts delivered in a package tailored to your needs. Our analysts collect intelligence from a wide range of sources and analyse this in the context of global events. We deliver strategic insight that enables long-term information security planning.


UNDERSTAND CYBER THREATS. We provide strategic analysis of current cyber threats and look ahead to emerging trends. We focus on who, what, why, when, where and what next to enable you to understand the cyber threat landscape and assess the potential risks to your organisation. Our information is presented in easily digestible formats and written in plain English.

INFORMATION AT YOUR FINGERTIPS. We deliver a variety of reporting depending on your needs, including daily intelligence reports, weekly intelligence summaries and forward-looking monthly intelligence reports. Our reporting ensures that you always have access to the latest thinking, can explore a particular issue in depth and keep abreast of evolving trends so your information security strategy reflects the changing threat landscape.

MANAGE THREATS SPECIFIC TO YOU. Our dedicated Cyber Threat Intelligence team will help you understand and manage the specific threats to your organisation through analyst access, bespoke reports, in-person briefings, training and other tailored advice from our experts.

MITIGATE THREATS AROUND THE WORLD. We collect from a wide range of technical and non-technical sources internationally and combine this with Control Risks’ understanding of global political and security developments from our 36 offices to provide intelligence across the range of cyber threats.