Analysis and Information

Our Analysis and Information content sets provide you with access to a comprehensive set of risk ratings, country backgrounds and daily updates on over 220 countries and territories.

We provide in-depth analysis and expert advice on areas as varied as terrorism, kidnap, cyber activism, political unrest, sovereign risks, investment restrictions and corruption.

This depth of detail and the frequency with which it is updated ensures you have the most relevant and current information at all times. We enable you to understand the potential business impact of global trends and events unfolding across all markets and make informed commercial decisions.


economic and geopolitical risk

EPRE is a subscription service that provides a framework for forecasting economic and geopolitical risks in 164 countries through regularly revised ratings, in-depth profiles and event-driven updates.


security and operational risk

Country Risk Forecast (CRF) delivers expert, independent analysis on events around the world, enabling you to understand the potential impact of these events on your business.


Political Risk

Political Risk: Insight, Monitoring, Expertise (PRIME) is a retainer-based service offering direct contact with our country analysts.


Cyber risk

Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) is a subscription service that provides a deep understanding of cyber threats through regular reporting and direct access to expert analysts delivered in a package tailored to your needs.


Maritime risk

Maritime Security Online (MSO) is a dedicated web-based platform designed to assist you in identifying, assessing and mitigating key risks in the maritime environment.


kidnap risk

International Kidnap Online Service (IKOS) is the only online subscription service dedicated to analysing global kidnap-for-ransom risk.