Online Solutions

Control Risks Online Solutions gives you unparalleled insight into the many and diverse risks your organisation faces around the world, helping you to mitigate these risks effectively. Our solutions provide you with a range of Analysis and Information content sets, Tool and Applications and Training and eLearning resources.

Analysis and Information


Economic and Geopolitical Risk

EPRE is a subscription service that provides a framework for forecasting economic and geopolitical risks in 164 countries through regularly revised ratings, in-depth profiles and event-driven updates.

Country Risk Forecast

Security and Operational Risk

Country Risk Forecast (CRF) delivers expert, independent analysis on events around the world, enabling you to understand the potential impact of these events on your business.

Political Risk, Insight, Monitoring, Expertise

Political Risk

Political Risk: Insight, Monitoring, Expertise (PRIME) is a retainer-based service offering direct contact with our country analysts.

Cyber Threat Intelligence

Cyber Risk

Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) is a subscription service that provides a deep understanding of cyber threats through regular reporting and direct access to expert analysts delivered in a package tailored to your needs.

Maritime Security Online

Maritime Risk

Maritime Security Online (MSO) is a dedicated web-based platform designed to assist you in identifying, assessing and mitigating key risks in the maritime environment.

International Kidnap Online Service

Kidnap Risk

International Kidnap Online Service (IKOS) is the only online subscription service dedicated to analysing global kidnap-for-ransom risk.


Tools and Applications

Analytics and Incident Mapping

Analytics and Incident Mapping

Analytics and Incident Mapping (AIM) is an archive of political violence incidents that have commercial relevance. It provides both historic incident information and up-to-date alerts of new incidents on a daily basis.


Crisis Resilience Online

Crisis Resilience Online

Crisis Resilience Online (CRO) is secure and flexible online tool that enables you to build, maintain and activate your organisation’s crisis management plans.


Training and e-Learning

Advanced Security eLearning

Bringing together the unparalleled expertise of Control Risks’ training, response and crisis management departments, the Advanced Security Training course focuses on understanding and mitigating against the advanced security risks facing travelers. Delivered as an eLearning package, this course assists staff that are unable to attend more comprehensive practical training.

Active Shooter Training (eLearning)

With increasing global concern over shooting incidents and terrorist attacks, Control Risks has developed an Active Shooter eLearning course. This training focuses on developing situational awareness skills, provides guidance on how to identify potential attackers, and explains how to react in the event of violent events such as active shooter incidents and attacks involving multiple assailants.

Cyber and Information Security (eLearning)

Business travellers today often carry several portable devices to keep connected while away. These devices pose an attractive target to criminals for the confidential information they contain. As cyber and information security threats become more sophisticated, the risks to this information is further heightened. In support of this, Control Risks is offering a new eLearning course which aims to raise an individual’s understanding of these types of potential attacks and how to protect against them thereby keeping their own and company information and devices safe and secure.