Welcome to Control Risks Africa RiskWatch Newsletter

The anti-corruption agenda has never been stronger across Africa and is at the forefront of business risks identified by both international and regional organisations. With the impact of oil and commodity prices, unstable currencies, and impending elections threatening upheaval to the status quo, governments have increasingly turned their focus inward to see what actions can be taken to stabilise their economies. The anti-corruption drive plays a large part in this and ensuring investor confidence into Africa.

These changes strive towards creating an enabling business environment that organisations can operate in without the challenges posed by corruption. As government has a role to play to ensure that the institutions and funding are set up to do this, the private sector also has a critical role to play in ensuring that they create a culture within their organisations that aims to stamp out corruption.

With this in mind, this issue of RiskWatch is dedicated to exploring some of the common themes of anti-corruption, fraud and investigations within organisations in Africa. From the idea of the insider threat and learning how to protect networks and data, we will share simple tips on how fraud and anti-corruption in organisations can be mitigated and tackled through the process of continuous monitoring of employee behaviours and critical assets.

Later this quarter we will be welcoming Robert Boyd, a Senior Partner in our Compliance, Forensics and Intelligence department on a visit to our African offices.  He will be sharing his global experience on helping clients deal with fraud, extortion and security threats.

I hope you enjoy this issue.