Turkey’s robust growth over the past decade has made it into a leading investment destination. The country’s young population, expanding consumer base and strategic access to a large economic area will ensure it remains a market that companies cannot afford to ignore. Yet, Turkey’s complex domestic politics, family-centred business culture and conflicts in its neighbouring countries make it highly complex for the unprepared investor.
In particular, a power struggle among members of the governing elite has resulted in unpredictable regulatory actions against businesses with perceived opposition links, and popular joint venture partners for Western firms have been targeted. Recent alleged graft scandals have also raised questions about widespread corruption and money laundering, highlighting reputational risks for business.
Control Risks has helped many of the world’s top multinationals, regional companies and investors succeed in expanding in Turkey over the past two decades. Our Turkish speaking consultants help clients mitigate risks to their business and solve problems when they occur. Some of our most popular services in Turkey include, but are not limited to, political, regulatory and security risk forecasting, power mapping, screening of partners and suppliers, fraud investigations, security risk assessments, supply chain risk assessment and executive protection services.
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