It is a region that regularly receives misleading, Cold War-inspired commentary and remains poorly understood by many. In Russia-CIS and beyond, Control Risks’ team of consultants and analysts can provide up-to-date, timely insight and analysis on a wide range of business and political risks to help our clients better manage their operations in the region.

Control Risks has had a full-time presence in Moscow since 1994. The region covered by the Moscow office is vast and varied – stretching from the Baltic Sea to the Pacific Ocean and from the Arctic Ocean to the deserts and steppes of Central Asia. There are also variations in political, social and cultural development: from the EU states of the Baltic Republics to dynastic, clan-based autocracies; from states that aspire to closer co-operation with Europe and North America to those content to remain in Moscow’s sphere of influence; from countries with huge reserves of natural resources and low populations to those with little industry or resources facing severe demographic challenges and reliance on migrant workers.

Core project work includes pre-investment integrity due diligence investigations, third-party screenings, business intelligence research, fraud and forensics cases, and market and sector analyses. Also common are such assignments as benchmarking studies and power risk mapping, as well as anti-bribery and corruption workshops and crisis management training for local subsidiaries of large multinationals operating in the region. We have developed a network of trusted third-party business partners who are sectorial and/or regional experts.

Control Risks consultants - many from the region itself ‒ are located in London and Moscow, and all are fluent in Russian and English, as well as other regional languages. Project work takes them across the region, whether to handle evacuation plans in Central Asia or complex fraud cases deep in the Russian provinces. In all cases what characterises the Control Risks team is a desire to share with clients their deep understanding of the region and its peoples.

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