Opportunities – natural resource finds & infrastructure

Oil and gas discoveries over the past decade have firmly established East Africa as one of the world’s most promising frontiers for hydrocarbon exploration. Kenya is among the key countries in the region where the discovery of oil and gas reserves has prompted a significant inflow of foreign direct investment.

Although excitement has fallen along with global oil prices, forcing energy companies to delay scheduled exploration and investment programmes, the diversified character of the Kenyan economy means the country will continue to see strong economic growth in the coming years.

Infrastructure projects, from new transport links to energy generation and transmission, will drive economic growth and demand for foreign goods and expertise.

Continued progress along the path of East African integration will mean that companies with operations in Kenya will find it increasingly easy to expand into neighbouring markets, virtually all of which offer growth potential few others can match.

Risks to consider

Having long provided a more accommodating business environment compared to other East African countries like Tanzania or Ethiopia, Kenya has firmly established itself as the business hub of the region.

Foreign companies however still often face difficulties when investing and operating in Kenya:

  • Inter-communal violence
    Kenya has a reputation for broad political stability and a commitment to democratic institutions but periodic bouts of inter-communal violence and the politicisation of ethnic tensions continue to pose stability risks.
  • Graft
    Regular public corruption scandals as well as Kenya’s ranking alongside some of the world's most corrupt countries.
  • Crime & terrorism
    Investor concern has been sparked by crime and growing levels of terrorism in recent years. Militant attacks by extremist group al-Shabaab and its affiliates have particularly shaken investor confidence, despite their limited impact on commercial operations so far.

Your strategy partner – 30 years’ experience

Companies that understand the risk environment and who have developed appropriate mitigation measures still find significant value from investments in Kenya.

Control Risks has operated in Kenya and the wider East Africa region for over 30 years, supporting clients across all industries from telecoms, retail and financial services through to mining and the oil and gas sector.

Services include:

  • Security
  • Security risk assessment
  • Crisis and security management
  • Integrity
  • Business intelligence
  • Due diligence
  • Compliance 
  • Corruption risk assessment
  • Cyber security
  • Political
  • Market-entry studies

This breadth of solutions allows us to offer specialised consultancy tailored to meet your specific needs and concerns. A 24/7 information and control centre in Nairobi provides our clients with direct security support and assistance. All of our East Africa operations are managed from our Nairobi office with full support from our regional office network.

Interested in how Control Risks' risk management tools can help you?

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