A couple of years ago, nearly everyone - from global investors to local businesses - was despondent, fed up with the consensus-building UPA coalition government in India and fearful that India’s growth had been permanently outpaced by China and the other BRIC economies. Since the BJP government’s election victory in May 2014, the biggest single party victory in a generation, this pessimism has been replaced by something verging on exuberance as the new government promises  a more investor friendly business environment and aims to eradicate the plethora of redundant legislation that congests India’s infamous red-tape bound bureaucracy. Through its flagship ‘Make in India’ initiative, the government is striving to transform India into a global manufacturing hub and improve the ease of doing business in this complex country. Obligingly, the global economic environment is helping India along with the underlying strengths of its economy – growth, human capital and domestic market.

Big rewards can await those who have the patience, dexterity and tenacity to navigate one of the world’s most vibrant and aspirational markets. But equally, big pitfalls exist for those who underestimate the complexities of operating across India’s vast and varied landscape as well as the potential financial, regulatory and reputational risks to which they are exposed. Control Risks endeavors to help our clients embed a robust risk management system with policies and codes of conduct proportionate to these risks, especially one that articulates the values and behaviors that can help bridge the gap between on-the-ground realities and international best practice.

Control Risks has been supporting clients in India for more than two decades and has had a permanent presence in the country since 2007. We have two full-service offices in Delhi and Mumbai employing more than 35 local and international professionals. Our consultants have backgrounds in the legal profession, law enforcement, armed forces, journalism, accountancy, business consultancy, investment banking and government service. They draw on our regional resources for specialised political risk consulting, cyber security and forensic support, along with a wide network of on-the-ground associates. The vast majority are native speakers of Hindi and other major languages such as Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Marathi, Nepali, Tamil, Telugu and Urdu. We support our clients at every stage of their business cycle, from early market entry through to establishing a business on the ground, and monitoring and managing risks as the business evolves and adapts to a constantly changing local environment.

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