Thriving on our diversity

Small_enei_Member_logoAs a business we recognise and value the differences that come from our backgrounds, beliefs, gender, age, and sexuality.  We understand that the best ideas come from a diverse pool of knowledge, and by opening our minds to that we create openness to change, innovation and respect within our people.  Diversity means different things to different people and at Control Risks we strive to unite our people in the understanding and the belief that everyone’s contribution is valued.

Control Risks views diversity as a long term business priority. We work hard to monitor diversity in the organisation, ensuring our recruitment and promotion processes are transparent, robust and free from bias.

Flexible working is evident at all levels in the organisation, including our leadership levels, supporting employees in balancing work and home.

We actively seek diverse views through our Global Diversity Forum, working in partnership to drive important initiatives.  We are also proud to be members of the Employers Network for Equality and Inclusion and value the access this provides us to thought leadership and expert guidance in this area.


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